Crickets. Nothing but crickets.

Sometimes I feel like I’m shortchanging you guys by not sharing many posts lately and specifically not sharing many posts about teardrop trailers. Are you wondering, where are all the teardrops? Where are all the adventures? Where is the person who’s supposed to be writing this blog?

In the past, I’ve shared a lot of build photos of our Camp-Inn-like (but very much our own custom-designed, home-built) teardrop trailer, glam photos of other people’s awesome teardrops—both vintage and custom—and then, of course, some of the adventures we’ve been on with our teardrop. But there’s been so much more we’ve been doing since building the teardrop and using it to go on great camping trips.

We’ve had other big projects, like the project to restore and rebuild our 1950 Chevy 3100 pick-up truck (I’ve shared many posts on this with you all). We also have other interests, like writing (me), playing drums (Mark), playing guitar (me), helping out at our favorite, local organic farm (both of us), making jewelry (me… I’ve only shared one post with y’all about that, but it is fast becoming my biggest obsession), home gardening (Mark), going to some really great house concerts locally (both of us), just to name a few. We’ve also had many trips where we didn’t use our teardrop at all (most recently, England and Wales… Oh, My!). I’ve been reluctant to write about and share those trips because there was no teardrop involved, no camping (just GORGEOUS views everywhere we looked!). And that feels to me like I’m short-changing both you and me. Limiting what I might write about also keeps me from writing regularly on this blog. (There’s also the issue of sharing too many personal photographs and details on the internet. I’m mindful of that. The internet’s a crazy place to live and play. We all have to exercise a fair amount of caution in what we choose to share.)

Beyond the other activities that also excite us, we’ve been on this amazing personal journey. The truth of it is that our lives have been vastly enriched ever since we set out to build our teardrop trailer. From the start, it’s been about the journey, not the destination. For us, the journey has been one of bonding closer together as a couple, of reinforcing our union with every nail we hammered, of melding minds with every electric brainstorming session we had for a design feature that would be unique to us, of reinforcing and reigniting childhood inclinations we had to laugh, play, and to dream about going from here to there for years to come in a simple, easy-rolling, easy-going fort that we built ourselves. Building a fort! At age 50-something! Yes! When I think of it, there was even some foreshadowing a year earlier when we built a tent fort in Mark’s living room with chairs and sheets and giggled while sleeping on a blowup mattress on the floor within its walls. Clearly, the bug was biting us a year prior. We just didn’t know what kind of bug it was.

Yeah, that’s an ironing board ‘table’ with a camping lamp on it!

We’ve taken that excitement with us on the roads we’ve traveled since building the trailer. It’s helped us be more playful in life and has helped us be more creative in general. When we lose that excitement, when we lose that creativity and especially that desire to create, it usually means we’ve also been neglecting getting out in the teardrop.

Life can be challenging for everyone, and we’re no different. We’ve got families and complications and situations to deal with, like everyone else does, but when it gets really heavy and we feel gravity shoving us into the ground, we know it’s time to pull out the trailer and hit the road.

Sometimes all we do is travel less than an hour away, often to the same one or two places. We set up camp and we disappear from the man-made version of the “real world” and slip into something a little more comfortable—Mother Nature’s “real world.” Our hearts pump easier, blood pressures drop to calm. Our lungs pull fresh oxygen from clean woodland air and release toxins long held stale in its deep recesses. Our minds empty of all that is unnecessary in that exact moment, which is everything, except for one important thing… we feel blessed and immensely grateful for being alive, being in nature, and having each other to share it with. How can I not write about that feeling? About that experience?

This photo was taken by Brooke Hoyer, shared on Flickr. In my opinion, a fine example of Mother Nature showing off her stuff!

Sorry folks, but that’s where my heart is. I can’t write only about teardrop trailers and campgrounds. There’s more to life than these things. For us, from day one, it’s been about more than the actual trailer. It’s been about the anticipation of a journey. And the teardrop trailer we built together back in 2012 has been not only the actual but the metaphorical vehicle for that journey. The trailer symbolizes the bond that has been cemented into our relationship and it symbolizes why we built the trailer in the first place—so that we could explore the roads ahead of us with a reminder to keep it simple, keep it fun, keep it creative and do it all with heart and with love.

So, the bottom line is you’ll probably be hearing more from me this year because I’ll also be sharing more about what we’re up to (or what I’m thinking about) when we’re not teardropping, which is a lot.

This is our lives. This is our journey. I hope you continue to come along for the ride, even when it’s not just about teardrops. Because when you think of it, LIFE is never just about teardrops. There are plenty of smiles, laughter and good times along the way. It’s the variety in life that keeps it all interesting, and the ups and downs in life that keep us all balanced.

The fact is you don’t need a teardrop trailer to have an adventure (though it sure does add to the possibilities!). Why? Because LIFE ITSELF is the adventure!

So, go forth and PLAY! Build a fort. Build a dream. Build a life you can be proud of.

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