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Handmade Nature-Inspired Jewelry

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4) Honey Bee bracelet set

Welcome to the photo gallery of some of my nature-inspired jewelry!

I make these pieces with a sincere love, love, love of all things in the natural world. They are simple, but they are meant to be worn every day. It’s my thinking that the more folks wear this jewelry, the more they will remind themselves and others of our all-important bees, the fascinating sea turtles that excite and enthrall us, and really just all things in nature that we love. Maybe this will help spread a love of nature to the people that need to get that message, and maybe, just maybe, we can gradually learn to treat these creatures with the love and respect they deserve. Whether it’s honey bees, sea turtles, owls, or even just the moon and the stars, there’s so much beauty and wonder in the natural world. I feel so grateful to be a part of it.

Here are pictures of some of my earlier creations. I’ve done so much more since I did these and am off on a road toward wire weaving, wire wrapping and basic metalsmithing, which I hope to share some photos of at some point, but my work will likely always focus on nature as inspiration. Raising awareness about nature preservation is my motivation.