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Fantastic AND FREE National Park Map Resource!

national park map, map resource

One guy. One website. TONS of FREE maps of every sort, related to our National Parks.

Click here for the website –>   NATIONAL PARK MAPS

This extremely thorough website and project is clearly a labor of love. If you camp, backpack, hike, or just plain old visit the incredible National Park system we as citizens of the United States so far been blessed to have in the first place. (Thank you, Teddy Roosevelt! Thank you, every environmentalist! Thank you every selfless, kind-hearted politician that protects our parks–ok, I know you are few, but thanks to those of you who do! Thank you every activist who fights the good fight to keep these amazing National Parks clean, secure and abundant in healthy flora and fauna!)

I don’t know about you folks who read my blog, but I view the National Parks as an emblem of what is meant by “America, the beautiful.” Without them, American wouldn’t be so beautiful. So, please do what you can to preserve what we have right now, to keep anyone from destroying it, degrading it, AND ESPECIALLY FROM CAPITALIZING on it for monetary gain.

I love you guys and gals who respect our parks enough to always leave ’em looking better than they did when you first got there. So many folks continue polluting and defacing our National Parks. Common sense and respect are fading fast in our society. It’s hard to keep up with it’s negative impact. So, everything you do to mitigate that reality, to balance out the bozo heads around you, really makes a tremendous difference. Never forget that!

Thanks and ENJOY!

Havasu Falls: Tripping and Falling

I almost hate to do this, but I’m sharing with you today the trip that I almost took, the trip I wished I took, the trip that Mark had to take without me: Havasu Falls in the glorious Grand Canyon.

One week before I was to take part in this unique, breathtaking backpacking adventure, I injured my foot (a ruptured or torn Plantar Fascia) while training. I can’t tell you exactly how I injured my foot because I don’t exactly know. What I do know is I couldn’t walk on my foot at all for the first three days and was still limping by the date of departure. I’m not sure if the universe simply had other plans for me, but our dog also had a foot problem (A gnarly looking growth had spurted on her foot pad, so she was limping, too.), so I stayed home to tend to my own foot and to hers.

MEANWHILE, this is what I missed out on . . .

Maybe, next year?