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3-Week Teardrop Trailer Summer Road Trip: 9 NW States, 8 Nat’l Parks

22 days, 3,600 miles, 9 states, 8 National Parks and a whole lotta fun! Final preparations in motion for our next teardrop trailer adventure–Summer Road Trip 2014, starting tomorrow, August 15, 2014.

SB at JT 32


We’ll be giving you play-by-play highlights direct from our home-built, vintage-style teardrop trailer as we travel from north Los Angeles, California, to Oregon, Washington, across to Idaho and Montana, down through Wyoming and Utah, and back home again through Arizona and Nevada.

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We will spend time exploring the following and a whole lot more . . .

Oregon: Avenue of the Giants
Washington: Olympic National Park
Wyoming: Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park
Utah: Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, and Zion National Park


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Day 1, 3-Week Teardrop Trailer Travel Log: Willits, CA, KOA Campground

Early Day 2, 3-Week Teardrop Trailer Trip: Toilet Bowls, Vintage New Yorkers, and the Eclectic

Later Day 2, 3-Week Teardrop Trailer Trip: Drive-Thru Redwoods, Giants, and Castles

Day 3, 3-Week Teardrop Trailer Trip: Gigantic Marshmallows of Oregon

Day 4, 3-Week Teardrop Trailer Trip: Captivating Washington Coastline

Day 5, 3-Week Teardrop Trailer Trip: Olympiad Deer, Bald Eagles, and Chica Birds

Early Day 6, 3-Week Teardrop Trailer Trip: Port Townsend, WA, See It All and Sea Otters Too!

Later Day 6, 3-Week Teardrop Trailer Trip: Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge, WA

Day 7, 3-Week Teardrop Trailer Trip: Goodbye Olympic Peninsula; Hello Seattle!

Day 8, 3-Week Teardrop Trailer Trip: Hay, Washington! Spuds! Spokane!

Day 9, 3-Week Teardrop Trailer Trip: It’s a Dog’s Life for Me

Midway on 3-Week Teardrop Trailer Trip: Just Stop; You’re Missing It!

3-Week Teardrop Trailer Trip: Wild, Wicked Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Bison vs. Humans: You Can’t Fix Stupid

3-Week Teardrop Trailer Trip: Wildlife IN YOUR FACE in Grand Teton National Park

3-Week Teardrop Trailer Trip: Journey to the Center of Utah

Got Gas? Utah Offers an Old-Time Fix

3-Week Teardrop Trailer Trip: Arches National Park, Utah–Simply Speechless

Day 17: 3-Week Teardrop Trailer Trip: Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Day 18: 3-Week Teardrop Trailer Trip: Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

Day 19: 3-Week Teardrop Trailer Trip: Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

DAY_7_01We’re happy to help!

If you have any questions about where we’ve been, any aspects of the experience we didn’t share here, please use our ‘Contact’ page to send us an email with your question(s). We’ll do our best to provide you the answer if we know it or will at least fabricate something entirely convincing.


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And We’re Off; Where We’ll Stop, Nobody Knows

2014 Lake Perris Teardrop Trailer Gathering, vintage, custom, home-built

Just like that. We’ve decided to head out first thing in the morning. How can we do that, you ask? Easy. We’ve got a teardrop trailer and designed our life to be exactly like this. You can, too!

We don’t know where we’re heading. We’ll know when we get there. The goal is to go camping–Mark, the dog, and I. If we can’t find a spot, we’ll find a hide-away somewhere and park the car and the teardrop and just wing it. Freedom!

Yeah, baby!!

I’ll report in after the weekend


Sue J signature

2014 Lake Perris Teardrop Trailer Gathering: Photo Gallery

Okay, Folks! There’s far too many to caption each one. Rather than do so and risk not getting these photos out quickly, here’s what my camera and Mark’s camera captured at the 2014 Lake Perris Teardrop Trailer Gathering:


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2014 Lake Perris Teardrop Trailer Gathering: Dutch Oven Cooking

Did someone say Dutch Oven cooking? Oh, yeah!

We had a fantastic time at the 2014 Lake Perris Teardrop Trailer Gathering this past weekend (March 27-30). As with many events for me, it’s the unique food around an occasion that makes the memory stick. Here’s a video of many of the Dutch Ovens cranking away in the common cooking area:

Other teardrop trailer owners prepared their Dutch Oven recipes at their campsites and brought their finished products to the shared area just in time for chow call. At 5 p.m. Friday evening, all Dutch Oven chefs were on line with plate and utensils in hand ready to sample these fabulous looking entrees and desserts:


Stay tuned for more photos from the 2014 Lake Perris Teardrop Trailer gathering. If you haven’t signed up to follow TEARDROP ADVENTURES yet, make sure you do today so you don’t miss a thing!

Teardrop Trailer Gathering 2014: Perris, CA

We’re stoked about the upcoming camping gathering for vintage-style teardrop trailers this month in Perris, CA. This year will be our first time attending the gathering. You can bet we’ll be fully equipped with cameras and pen/paper to chronicle the event as best we can. I’ll probably leave Mark to the photo taking–his iPad currently produces better photos than my camera does. And I will happily tackle some impromptu interviewing and writing. We’ll do our best to capture the essence and splendor of the event.

They’ve just added a special dutch-oven cooking night. Mark is a dutch-oven-cooking fan. He loves to wow me with his pizza and apple cobbler when we’re teardrop trailer camping. On occasion, he lights up the dutch oven outside at home and makes me my favorite: sweet-potato curry chicken. Anyway, I can’t wait to check out this event and see what everyone else conjures up in their dutch ovens. Stay tuned here at TEARDROP ADVENTURES for teardrop trailer photos and hopefully some great stories from the 2014 Teardrop Trailer gathering at Perris, CA.

teardrop trailer, vintage, vintage-style, gathering, Perris, CA, Southern California, 2014
The galley of our home-built, vintage-style teardrop trailer

If you have a vintage or vintage-style teardrop trailer and have time to slip away with it to Southern California from March 27-30, 2014, why not come and join us? We’d love to see you there!

Registration Information for 2014 Teardrop Trailer Gathering in Perris, CA

Happy Trails,

Sue J.

Teardrops in Joshua Tree: Not Only How, But How Often?

A few words from Sue . . .

Joshua Tree National Park Indian Cove campground
The “Silver Bullet” and Sue at Joshua Tree National Park’s Indian Cove campground.


HOW did I not make plans to visit you sooner?

HOW OFTEN can I manage to plan a long weekend to escape and see you again?

Joshua Tree National Park Teardrop trailer
All the comforts of home.

Mark and I took the “Silver Bullet” (our teardrop trailer) to Joshua Tree National Park in Twentynine Palms, California, last weekend and fell in love (with Joshua Tree, that is!). What an amazing place! I’ve been to the Grand Canyon and recently went to Sedona, Arizona, so I know what amazing looks like, and Joshua Tree definitely had that same “WOW!” factor. (I’ll write a post on Sedona soon.)

Joshua Tree National Park
Yes, the Silver Bullet is THAT special. 🙂

If you want to feel like a kid again, head to Joshua Tree. You will be climbing and scrambling rocks with ambition and without thought, just like you did when you were twelve years old. It makes no difference how old you are or what shape you are in, you will climb! Trust me.

Joshua Tree National Park rock scrambling
You’ll be scrambling rocks before you know it!

We snagged a group site where we joined our local Boy Scout troop for a 3-day camping weekend. It was only a 2-1/2 hour drive east from Los Angeles (location of Joshua Tree shown here). The drive was easy. The group campsite for the 40 of us (10 or so adults; 30 or so kids) was enormous. We stayed at one of around 9 campgrounds in the area (Joshua Tree campgrounds listed here); ours was called Indian Cove. There was a huge expanse between the ‘adult side’ and  the ‘kid side’–an imaginary line set when camping with the boy scouts which encourages the boys to camp autonomously, as do the adults. The kids set up camp at least 80 feet away from the adults.

Joshua Tree National Park Indian Cove campground
Adult-side of group camp
Joshua Tree National Park Indian Cove campground
Kids passing wood down the line to the adult campfire
Joshua Tree National Park Indian Cove campground
Kids’ side of our group campsite, waaaaay over there by the rocks!

As cavernous as the group campsite was, there were a few more in the area that offered the same expansive privacy. The first day we were there, we were already having a blast without leaving the campsite. We were surrounded by a mini-mountain range of huge boulders that reminded me of the town of Bedrock in the Flintstones cartoons. Curiosity creeps into your brain and the call to go rock scrambling starts ringing like Pavlov’s bell.

We spent the second day in Joshua Tree National Park proper, where we took a great hike on Split Rock Loop Trail. It was a memorable 2-mile hike that took twice as long as anticipated because we couldn’t keep from stopping and taking photos every 10 feet or so. The later it got in the day, the more interesting the patterns of shadow and sunlight.

Joshua Tree National Park Split Rock
Joshua Tree National Park Split Rock. Mark is hiding in the split. 🙂
Joshua Tree National Park Split Rock Loop Trail
Sue hiking on Split Rock Trail
Joshua Tree National Park Split Rock Loop Trail
We called it tulip rock.
Joshua Tree National Park Split Rock Loop Trail
Sliced and diced.
Joshua Tree National Park Split Rock Loop Trail
Joshua tree on Split Rock Loop Trail.
Joshua Tree National Park Split Rock Loop Trail
Holey Moley Joshua tree!
Joshua Tree National Park Split Rock Loop Trail
Geologist heaven. These bands of rock ran through much of the huge boulders and became a game of a sort to follow their lines across the landscape.
Joshua Tree National Park Split Rock Loop Trail
We called it gorilla rock; doubtful we were the first to do so!

We enjoyed 70-degree-Fahrenheit temperatures during the day and 35 to 45 degrees at night. The night sky was brilliantly bedazzled with stars, and at dusk and dawn, the sun and moon played at opposite ends of our mini-mountain range, vying for our attention–a real mind blower.

Joshua Tree National Park Indian Cove campground
Here comes the morning sun at the group campsite!
Joshua Tree National Park Indian Cove campground
And not to be outdone, the morning moon at the opposite side of the group campsite.

Water had to be carried in, but was available at the Indian Cove Ranger Station. It is desert-like at Joshua Tree, so plan your trip wisely; there are no lakes, streams or showers in the bathrooms. This would be a great time to invest in a solar shower bag (and curtain) if you haven’t done so to date. The bathroom facilities are clean, but are outhouse-style (no flush toilets or sinks). There are a ton of official rock climbing areas so bring your gear if that’s your thing. There’s mountain biking a-plenty and scores of other activities possible. Check the campground link above for a listing of possible activities.

Joshua Tree National Park Teardrop trailer
Tough enough.

To sum up, we really hated to leave Joshua Tree. But, we’ll be back, if, for nothing else, to take some more photos of our teardrop trailer on the stunning backdrop of Joshua Tree National Park!

Happy trails to you,


The First Rule to a Stress-Free Life is: Keep It Simple!

Welcome to my blog. I’m a custom-built teardrop trailer. My parents, Mark and Sue, gave birth to me in Fall 2011. If you haven’t yet been introduced into the world of teardrop trailers, you’re in for a treat. We’re pretty neat. We’re lightweight and compact and make traveling with some creature comforts nice and easy. Since my parents started traveling with me, they’re like a couple of kids. They’re always taking off on last-minute trips because I’m mostly pre-packed and ready to go! And, boy oh boy, we sure do have some great trips planned this year!

Come back soon and I’ll tell you a little more about myself (including details about how I was built), and my parents will tell you about some of our travels together. They’re a couple of nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, so you’re likely to hear about the benefits of being outdoors and the wonders that await you when you’re out there playing! They’ll also give you some great travel, camping, hiking, and backpacking tips to keep in mind. We often travel with a large 80-pound dog, so they’ll let you know in what ways that impacts where we go, what we do, and how we do it. They also do a lot of trips without me (Sniff! Sniff!) so you’ll hear about that as well. Life can be stress-free. You’ve just got to keep it simple and enjoy the little things–like me!

Yours truly,

The Silver Bullet

teardrop trailer travels
The Silver Bullet