teardrop trailer, Perris, CA, Southern California, vintage, vintage-style, 2014 annual event, gathering

Teardrop Trailer Gathering 2014: Perris, CA

We’re stoked about the upcoming camping gathering for vintage-style teardrop trailers this month in Perris, CA. This year will be our first time attending the gathering. You can bet we’ll be fully equipped with cameras and pen/paper to chronicle the event as best we can. I’ll probably leave Mark to the photo taking–his iPad currently produces better photos than my camera does. And I will happily tackle some impromptu interviewing and writing. We’ll do our best to capture the essence and splendor of the event.

They’ve just added a special dutch-oven cooking night. Mark is a dutch-oven-cooking fan. He loves to wow me with his pizza and apple cobbler when we’re teardrop trailer camping. On occasion, he lights up the dutch oven outside at home and makes me my favorite: sweet-potato curry chicken. Anyway, I can’t wait to check out this event and see what everyone else conjures up in their dutch ovens. Stay tuned here at TEARDROP ADVENTURES for teardrop trailer photos and hopefully some great stories from the 2014 Teardrop Trailer gathering at Perris, CA.

teardrop trailer, vintage, vintage-style, gathering, Perris, CA, Southern California, 2014
The galley of our home-built, vintage-style teardrop trailer

If you have a vintage or vintage-style teardrop trailer and have time to slip away with it to Southern California from March 27-30, 2014, why not come and join us? We’d love to see you there!

Registration Information for 2014 Teardrop Trailer Gathering in Perris, CA

Happy Trails,

Sue J.


2 thoughts on “Teardrop Trailer Gathering 2014: Perris, CA”

  1. Enjoying your blog. Just noticed we have the exact same percolator. I love it, picked up at an old second hand store in Clovis. Also in Lucy Desi movie Long Long Trailer, noticed Lucy uses SAME one trying to make coffee when trailer is not level…hilarious. Hope to see you in September at Hurkey Creek, will make sure we meet this time. We usually have a campsite happy hour on Friday evening, please stop by…..white wooden teardrop with black fenders, red pop up.
    Usually in center section under trees. Fabienne and Shaun Logan

    1. Ha ha! We’ll have to check out that movie. Will also have to check the calendar on September trip.

      So glad you’re enjoying the blog. We’ve had ‘life’ vying for our attention–maybe the case for the next 2 mths but should be back in full swing come September. Hope to see you sometime in the near future. 🙂

      Until then, Happy Trails!

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