2014 Lake Perris Teardrop Trailer Gathering, vintage, custom, home-built

2014 Lake Perris Teardrop Trailer Gathering: Photo Gallery

Okay, Folks! There’s far too many to caption each one. Rather than do so and risk not getting these photos out quickly, here’s what my camera and Mark’s camera captured at the 2014 Lake Perris Teardrop Trailer Gathering:


Stay tuned for selections of these photos with special notes/stories that go along with them. If you haven’t signed up to follow TEARDROP ADVENTURES yet, make sure you do today so you don’t miss a thing!


6 thoughts on “2014 Lake Perris Teardrop Trailer Gathering: Photo Gallery”

  1. Very interesting photographs. I did not know that there was a Teardrop Trailer gathering. I recovnize a lot of the vintage cars.

    1. Those vintage cars are beautiful, aren’t they? There are quite a few teardrop gatherings. We didn’t know that piece of info stepping into this one event, but we’ve since been enlightened. 🙂 At this point, we only know of the West Coast gatherings. I’ll bet there are others as well.

  2. Hi fellow campers…..we were there too, our second year at Perris! We will be at Hurkey Creek in September…try to find us and say hello. We have a happy hour on Friday evening at our site! You are invited! Always fun with the teardrop group of friends. Hurkey is up in the pine trees, so nice. Just by chance found your website, love the photos. We are off to Arizona with our teardrop for a week road trip, will be hot in some spots. Flagstaff will be cooler, yeah!

    1. Excellent, Fabienne and Shaun. We’ll check it out. We have a 3-week trip in our teardrop trailer this August, up to Northwest U.S., across to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons and then on to the Big 5 in Utah. Can’t wait!!

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