This is Sid Vicious, named within moments of finding him on our windowsill a few days ago. Because Mark is enamored with him and because I am cautiously curious about him, he’ll be hanging at our apartment at least through the weekend. Sid has already shed his first skin (maybe twice now?); it’s pictured at the lower-right in this photo, dangling just on top of the curtain.


Sid ViciousWhile Mark is having visions of a long-term relationship–walks on the beach discussing views on life, quiet companionship at dinner, playful jabbing and horseplay–it’s Sid he’s been dreaming of lately, not me. I, on the other hand, am having visions of creepy skins dangling from my curtains, bulbous eyes peering from unexpected places, and Sid himself dangling over my face when I wake in the morning.

We’re going away camping again (this weekend) and have decided to let Sid stay at our apartment. Come Monday, he may get an eviction notice. Then again, at the rate he’s growing, he may greet us at the door like this with OUR eviction notice!

Praying_Mantis face

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

Stay safe,

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