Though we hated to part with our new friends in the Olympic Peninsula area of northern Washington state,



we were more than ready for a ferry ride across to Seattle, WA. Our little teardrop trailer has never before traveled by boat but settled in like an old pro.


Our 80-pound dog never quite acquired her sea legs and shivered her timbers until she found dry land again.


The views were spectacular on a sunny, though cool, day. We took the Bainbridge-Seattle ferry. It was smooth sailing all the way.

Though the transition from water to land was easy for some,


waterfront Seattle was difficult to navigate with our teardrop trailer. Parking was impossible down by the waterfront, so we instead took a scenic drive through the various hoods and vowed to revisit without trailer and dog someday.

By mid-afternoon, we arrived at Denny Creek campground in the Mt. Baker-Snowqualmie area of Washington, east of Seattle on I-90 about halfway to Ellensburg.

Though we had a stream in our backyard and gorgeous campsites all around us, it became unseasonably cold and cloudy and there was far too much highway noise throughout the night. Otherwise, it’s a lovely campground. Despite the highway noise (which seems like white noise after a while), we enjoyed our stay and would consider it again the next time around.

Mark caught a picture of me in a more reflective moment. You’ll notice I have a black-eye in this picture. I’ve been doing my best to hide it since I acquired it three weeks ago in New York, but it’s taking forever to fade away and is beginning to annoy me. C’mon, man! I’m ready to get back to normal!

I could tell you some tall stories about how I acquired that black eye, but truth is it was a five-year child that did me in–a tough, New York born-and-raised child, but still just a child. Mostly, I only pay attention to my black-n-blue face when I see my reflection in a mirror or in the multitude of pictures I’ve taken since but have tossed in the can.


Maybe I should know this–being from New York and all–but how long is it supposed to take for a black eye to fade from black? Mark is sweet. He just says, “Baby, your face may be black and blue, but your hair looks gorgeous!” That’s my man.  He sees the bright side of everything.  Anyway, camping and vanity don’t mix, so on with the show!

Tomorrow we travel and rendezvous with old friends at a KOA campground in Spokane. Tim is a great cook and promises to make us dinner. Yeah, baby!

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