Before I moved to Arizona, I had no idea it could be so colorful, so flower-full, so beautiful. But year round, it’s all that and more. Temps are only recently reaching into the 90’s. We’ve been spoiled this year with prolonged perfect weather… perfect for humans and plants alike.

Our potted roses are hardier than they’ve ever been, bursting with so many blooms, I’ve had to nip the fading buds on a daily basis!

I’ve seen some cactus blooms since moving here, but not as often as I’m seeing this year. Wow! Just Wow!

Every day lately, we wake up and step outside to smell the roses. I remember hearing that expression often when growing up. Now, it really resonates. If we all would wake up each day and step right into expressing gratitude for another day, life could feel more like a bed of roses, whether or not real roses grow in the yard.

I’m grateful today. How about you?

Make this day the best it can be!


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