Sometimes we don’t easily see what is right before our eyes. Messages abound in nature, trying to point humankind in the right direction. I might be so bold as to say God is in cahoots with Mother Nature, both trying their best to remind us all what matters most in our short time on this blue-green orb we call Earth.

“Is that an ARROW in the sky… pointing EAST?”
A hidden message for Christmas?

The clouds were the real showstopper last week, making our Christmas decorated 1950 Chevy 3100 pickup truck look even better for the community parade! I didn’t notice until today, though almost 10 days later, that there was an ARROW in the cloudy sky that day pointing EAST from where we live in Arizona which was, at the very least, drawing my attention to the star at the top of our blow-up Christmas tree. This was on the eve of our community Christmas ‘parade.’  I now believe there was much more to this than initially met my eye.

I didn’t see this one at first, but thanks to the wonder of photography, I’ve had this second chance to ‘get it’. Today is Christmas Eve. Followers of Christianity will note that on an evening such as this “a star rose from the East” guiding the three wise men to the Christ child. Because I am a person who is open to subtle messages from nature and from the universe, I believe I was being reminded of what is most important about this Christmas and holiday season. So now I see it. And now I get it. Such is life… we don’t always get the message when we’re busy rushing around doing everything it is we think we need to do. We pass right by constant messages–thoughts randomly appearing in our heads, a certain feeling in our chest, a physical reminder from nature itself–without stopping for a moment to listen, to see, to fully feel. All too busy to remember, to experience, to submerge ourselves in what is most important.

In case you, earthling, haven’t figured it out yet, it is LOVE… LOVE is what most matters in our short time on this planet. Giving love. Learning how to receive love. Learning how to love ourselves better so we can love others better. That’s what it’s all about. That’s all there is to know. LOVE is the answer you are looking for. LOVE is the way. LOVE simply IS. And YOU, dear earthling, YOU ARE LOVE.

The star on that tree has great meaning…
May LOVE guide your way!

Merry Christmas to you all… Happy Holidays… Happy whatever-it-is that helps remind you of the message of LOVE.

All MY LOVE to you all,


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