I’ve said it over and over again, but nothing straightens out my head quite like reconnecting with nature.

My head has been in great need lately. Cob webs of old stories, of old ways of doing and being and responding to all that life throws at me have been weighing me down.

My mind, it seems, has been in need of a spring cleaning. Thankfully my partner recognized as much and saved the day by bringing me smack dab in the middle of my favorite mental clearinghouse—nature.

I suspect I’m not alone these days in dealing with all the noise of the “civilized” world, especially when lately the world feels anything but civilized. Nothing crystallizes that reality more than slipping away from our man-made world and stepping back into the original birthplace and home of our human ancestors—nature.

After just one day and night at a nearby, desolate campground, I feel I can breathe again. My mind has emptied of man-made noise and I once again feel centered, balanced and calm. I have found peace again after just 24 hours time. I feel so at ease, I almost hate to leave, but this mini-escape has already served its purpose.

While writing this, I keep staring up at this human-like figure of a cactus who appears to be wearing a crown of white flowers on her head and carrying bouquets of white flowers in each hand. She keeps commanding my attention. I’ve already taken far too many photos of her, enough that I determined she should have a name. And the name that came to me is the one mentioned in the lyrics of a song written some 50 years ago:

“If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow, don’t be alarmed now. It’s just a spring clean for the May Queen.”
—from Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”

I’ve certainly had a bustle in my hedgerow these days—a mishmash of persistent and unwieldy thoughts that take over my mind more than I wish them to. They’ve grown so out of control lately that it’s hard to get anything done. The May Queen’s purpose today, I think, is to facilitate a spring cleaning of my head, to remind me of the simplicity and purity of what I am and where I come from. She’s providing me with what I need to return to and persevere in the noisy, complicated world humankind has created.

I know I’ll always need to come back here, back to nature’s welcoming arms to relearn this truth, because I am, after all, human… I’ll always get lost in my own head from time to time. When I do, at least I know exactly where to go to find balance.

And when I can’t physically get there, I’m reminded too that nature and I are one in the same. I AM the May Queen.

I am always where I belong, and with that knowledge, I always have what I need to stay centered.

I wish the same awareness and peace of mind for you,


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