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Our teardrop trailerHello! Welcome to this blog! I am a custom-built teardrop trailer. My creators, Sue and Mark, built me from scratch in 2012. If you haven’t yet been introduced into the world of teardrop trailers, you’re in for a treat. We’re pretty neat. We’re lightweight, compact, and make traveling with some creature comforts nice and easy.

If you’re interested in teardrop trailers, read here about some of my key features and how I was built . . . Building our Teardrop Trailer from Scratch. For now, all you need to know about teardrop trailers is:

If you can stand up in it, then it’s NOT a true teardrop!

teardrop trailer, vintage, vintage-style, gathering, Perris, CA, Southern California, 2014
The galley of our home-built, vintage-style teardrop trailer

Since Sue and Mark started traveling with me, they’re like a couple of kids. We’re always taking off on last-minute trips because I’m easy to tow, pre-packed, and ready to go! Sue and Mark also take a lot of trips without me (Sniff! Sniff!) so you’ll hear about those adventures as well.

Both Sue and Mark are nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

FOLLOW US and you’ll hear about the places we’ve been and the wonders that await you when you’re outside playing! Nothing is quite as inspirational as being out in nature. Nothing so easily restores balance in an otherwise hectic world than getting away from it all and getting down to the basics. Come along for the ride, and you may find something you can take home with you–whether that be nature-related jewelry . . . travel, camping, and hiking tips . . . a renewed sense of gratitude for simply being alive . . .  ideas inspired from other teardrop trailers . . . possibly even a bit of armchair wisdom about life.

Sue and Mark’s main goal is to get outside as often as possible and hopefully encourage you to do the same. And if that happens to inspire you to respect and learn how to preserve the stunning national parks and wildernesses in this country and around the world, then that would make Sue and Mark even happier.

Nothing makes humans feel and act more human–in a GOOD way–than getting back to their roots . . . back into NATURE. But many people don’t understand the importance of being out in nature, because they already suffer from NATURE DEFICIENCY.

(Nature deficit disorder refers to the phrase coined by Richard Louv in his 2005 book “Last Child in the Woods” that human beings, especially children, are spending less time outdoors, resulting in a wide range of behavioral problems.)

Sue and Mark hope, in a very humble way, with this blog as a tool, to inspire more people to get out and RECONNECT WITH NATURE. Sue and Mark think teardrop trailers make camping more palatable for more people who traditionally dislike or have slowly tired of tent camping.

Teardrop trailers = More People Camping = A REALLY GOOD THING!

Who knows . . . maybe Sue and Mark’s adventures will inspire you to build your own teardrop trailer!

It’s all about keeping life as stress-free as possible. And it can be. You’ve just got to keep it simple and enjoy the little things–like me, a tiny teardrop trailer!

9 thoughts on “About

    1. Wow! Thanks, Cliff! Great info. IRG looks great! We’ll certainly be making our rounds at other gatherings now that we’ve been inaugurated at Perris. So many nice people, and the rigs were all unique. Loved it!

  1. SO happy to be a new follower of this beautiful space you have created. Looking forward to following your adventures.

  2. Was a pleasure to meet the two of you @ Lost Dutchman Park and enjoyed your story regarding the trailer. Glad you could join us for dinner and our campfire sing-along.

    1. Hey, Bert!

      We had a great time! Nothing like kicking back to a top-notch guitar duo after chowing down on an excellent pot luck dinner. Thanks for including us in your group. We’ll definitely sign up on the Meetup group you all are a part of, so we can do it all again sometime!

  3. hi guys! i would love to meet up with you three! i am embarking on a year long (or more) adventure with just me, my dog oliver, and my TD Maxi. we leave on march 9th and are heading west! email me if you can! aimlesswandering1@yahoo.com/instagram: LDCoolG/twitter, same name
    i am a member of the teardrop group on FB.

    1. Wow! Sounds like quite an adventure, Lauralee! We’ll have to see where we’ll be when you’re coming through. I’ll check around and see if there are any teardrop gatherings in Arizona this spring.

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