Day 2, 3-Week Teardrop Trailer Trip: Toilet Bowls, Vintage New Yorkers, and the Eclectic

A treacherous ride right from the start . . . Mark was attacked by killer bees. Luckily I caught it on camera.


After that ordeal, it was time for a rest stop. Found one, but it wasn’t exactly what we had in mind.

DAY_2_33 But when you’re on the road, you’ve gotta roll with it . . . Oh, and bring your own roll sometimes, too!


Once done visiting the John, we ran into a guy by the same name across the street.


Seems John is the purveyor of all things interesting, such as his artsy, eclectic, funkadelic shack . . .


his half-covered, mint-condition, vintage Chrysler New Yorker (what a beaut!!!) . . .

and his avant garde rest stop I recently made use of.

In a perfect world, Mark and I would have spent the whole day with John. He was just one of those guys. Instead, we simply signed his Toilet Journal and went on our way. So long, John. We’ll be sure to flush away the hours with you next time we’re passing through!


On to the Avenue of the Giants today–home of the REDWOODS!


To see our original trip route map, click on the first post of this mini-series:

Teardrop Trailer Summer Road Trip: 9 NW States, 8 Nat’l Parks

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11 thoughts on “Day 2, 3-Week Teardrop Trailer Trip: Toilet Bowls, Vintage New Yorkers, and the Eclectic”

  1. Thanks for cooking up the 3 lb Coho Salmon and all the rest last night.
    It was a great KOA night along with the Barefoot Pinot. You. Guys have the best Teardrop yet and are now my role-model campers…lucky me to be parked in the spot next to you…hugs…Barbarita and La Chica…

    1. And that’s what camping is all about. Connecting with the simple things, and meeting some wonderful people along the way! Thanks for allowing us to share a great meal and evening together. I love this adventure called ‘life.’ 🙂

      Sue J

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