No trip to the northwest U.S. is complete without at least one drive through a Redwood tree, and no well-planned trip is complete without at least one mishap. These two truths came together in perfect synchronicity as we tried to squeeze our PT Cruiser and attached teardrop trailer through the base of a live, 2400-year-old, 21-foot wide, 315-foot tall redwood tree nicknamed the “Chandalier Tree” and attempted to catch it on film.

We preset the camera on a tripod with a remote control device to signal the shots. Fully loaded with car, trailer, man, woman, and dog, we proceeded through the base of the tree, as if this were a natural thing to do. When we got half-way through, we wondered “What if we get stuck?” We could only imagine what our AAA emergency responder would say at the scene. “I’m sorry, folks. We can fix flats tires and keys locked inside vehicles, but we can’t fix stupid.”

Instead, thankfully, there was an audience standing in front of us helping us to get through. Amid the astonished and occasional horrified faces were well-intentioned instructions of which way to go.

Our camera, on the other hand, must’ve been looking the other way. When we checked the image slideshow, there was not a single photo to be found.

With much trepidation and much cringing by spectators, we made the cramped drive through a second time. With barely inches to spare all the way around, we made it through, round two, unscathed. Here’s the proof.

With this monumental feat completed, we moved on to bigger things . . . a drive through the Avenue of the Giants. Words can’t do it justice. I hope the pictures do.

And, finally, at night’s end, a good meal and some much-needed rest!


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