Keep ye eyes open, and ye shall see.

When we planned this trip, we made sure to NOT PLAN certain things, because life has a way of laying it all out for us anyway. Our suggestion for trekking trips like this one is to chat it up with fellow campers and locals and follow their recommendations.

Our camp friend, Barbara, was interested in sustainable farming in Port Townsend, WA. She was looking for property and raved so much about Port Townsend that we took a half day to check it out.

We didn’t have to look far, just had to look DOWN to see this momma sea otter and her babies hanging out on the dock below us:

As the sea otters would attest, the Port Townsend waterfront is picturesque and picture-perfect for boat lovers:

And when our senses were saturated with boats, we rode our bicycles around town and discovered we were in good company . . .

Then our sights shifted from bikes to automobiles . . .

and, finally, to planes. We made a stop at Jefferson County International Airport–a tiny airport comprised of one air strip and shack-style restaurant that serves outstanding pie. We received the tip about the pie from one of Mark’s business friends in the avionics field. You know what pilots always say:


That about wrapped up the Port Townsend portion of the day. Lots of great shops in town, including a well-stocked vintage shop that’s worth popping in on. An easy town to explore on foot or on bike. The second half of the day was spent at the spit at Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge. (See our next post.)

To see our original trip route map, click on the first post of this mini-series:

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