Day 5, 3-Week Teardrop Trailer Trip: Olympiad Deer, Bald Eagles, and Chica Birds

Olympic National Park is huge, and with time short, we headed straight down to Hurricane Ridge. It’s entrance is due south of Port Angeles, WA–not far from our KOA campground. Hurricane Ridge featured incredible views of ice-capped mountains . . .

and some of the friendliest deer I’ve ever seen. I have a video (I’ll post it some time in the future) of a momma and her babies strolling just three feet in front on me. Fabulous!








DAY_5_03Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge in Sequim, WA, featured a Bald Eagle sighting:

In the evening, we shared dinner with our new friends at the Port Angeles KOA campground: Barbara and Chica bird.  Barbara picked up food during the day (including a beautiful fresh-caught salmon for only $12), and we cooked it. Nothing like fresh fish and fine company. Chica was a bit quiet but colorful.

Overall, another fantastic day! Tomorrow, we explore Port Townsend and revisit the spit at Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge. Another great day, to be sure.

To see our original trip route map, click on the first post of this mini-series:

Teardrop Trailer Summer Road Trip: 9 NW States, 8 Nat’l Parks

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