It all began with a quick post from our campsite shortly after Mark ‘built’ and then lit our Christmas ‘tree’ . . .

Original post here:  Christmas Camping in the AZ Desert 

But as the evening progressed, so did Christmas Eve in the desert. It looked like this . . .


And Christmas Day in the desert looked like this . . .

and this, Hauntingly Beautiful AZ Desert, Where Dead Things Live , as we took in an afternoon hike.

While back at the campsite, we were entertained morning, noon, and night by the sights and sounds of Gambel’s Quails that seemed to be everywhere at all times . . .

The Gambel’s Quails made us laugh . . . a lot. Up close, a male Gambel’s Quail looks like this . . .

Photo Credit: The National Audubon Society at

They are impressive runners and their ‘woot-woot-wooting’ is something we looked forward to every day. Check out my short video footage of what the Gambel’s Quails looked and sounded like here:


We also heard the frequent yipping, yelping and howling of coyotes narrowing in on a kill. The only ‘viewing’ we had of these coyotes was when Mark shined a flashlight into the darkness and dozens of glowing eyes reflected back at him.  😉

Each night ended with colorful sunsets. It is the desert, after all.  😉

Including an odd effect caught by my phone camera where the tree to the left fades behind a heavy overlay of orange clouds. Interesting.

If nothing else, the desert is always surprising. Here’s hoping your New Year is full of surprises . . . ONLY THE GOOD KIND, of course!

Happy New Year from Teardrop Adventures! May it be your best year ever!


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