To be creative, we can’t think of what it will be, who will like it, what will become of it. We need to just build [/create] it and ‘they will come’…

— Sue J

October 12, 2019: Today I found out who I made these earrings and necklace for.

These were some of the very first wire design projects I made roughly a year ago when I flew to New York to spend a month helping out my brother after major heart surgery. While I stayed with him, I took what down time I had, bought a few spools of wire, a cheap mini jewelry tool kit, and set my mind to learning how to play with this new (to me) medium. At the time I made these earrings and necklace, I didn’t know if anyone would like them, if anyone would buy them some day. Mostly, I just wanted to create something and challenge myself to venture into something new. For these reasons, I’ve always thought of these pieces and others I made at the time as being quite special. Through the year to come, I would decide to alter the original earrings as follows, because the first ones seemed too long.

But the original necklace stayed as is, receiving many compliments throughout the year, but with nobody actually buying it. I often wondered why.

Today, almost a year after I made these pieces, they finally sold to two women who came to the organic farm I sometimes set up a table at. The first gal bought a necklace for herself and then asked if I would make an exact copy so she could gift it to a close friend whom she regards as a sister. It was this necklace…

The second gal bought a pair of earrings for the first gal, a surprise gift in the moment. Funny enough, the second gal was having a hard time deciding between the two sets of earrings I had made from my original lengthy set a year ago. She would try each set on, I would hold the mirror, she would look at us both for opinions. There was much love in the exchange between these women, the two of them reiterating as we chatted how they regarded each other as sisters because neither had a (blood relative) sister in their own family. Finally a decision was made to go with these earrings…

The second of two sets taken from original earrings.

I suppose I should also mention that these two women were speaking a foreign language with each other while trying on and deciding on what items they liked. Out of curiosity, I asked what language they were speaking. Turns out it was Polish. Now, I’ve always enjoyed celebrating the Polish heritage because my grandfather was Lithuanian and well, there weren’t many Lithuanian festivals to attend here in the states, but there were MANY Polish festivals. So, early on in my life, I latched on to mastering a spirited Polka and eating interesting variations of sausage. With these memories in mind, I mentioned to the ladies about my grandfather’s country of origin, and lo and behold, the first gal who bought the necklace brightly exclaimed with her lovely accent, “I’m part Lithuanian!”  From there, our connection—born of synchronicity—was made.

Our exchange seemed such a perfect alignment and I couldn’t help but beam with joy seeing how beautiful the necklace and earrings looked on the first gal, how sweet it was to see someone giving a gift to a loved one and that loved one receiving a gift I made, and how honored and humbled I felt being a part of their positive female energy in that moment.

At times, perhaps more than usual lately, I’m very aware of the inherent connection we all have with one another. And I’m aware how much we’re able to lift each other up. That’s a gift we all have to give and a gift we’re always prompted to receive.

What will you give to another today? A hug? A smile?

What will you be able to receive when it is offered to you? Love? Connection?

I hope so. Love is the best gift there is and it is the foundation of the fact that we are ALL connected in this amazing universe we are part of.


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