There aren’t many places you can go and be guaranteed you’ll see a rainbow. In Maui, they’re easily viewable. The camera doesn’t lie.


These are Maui’s stunning Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees. We saw them in a few locations on the way to Hana on Hana Highway. For quick and easy viewing, you can’t miss them on the left side of Hana Highway as you make your way south to Hana. There is a lovely grove that catches your attention. Do yourself a favor and stop. We did. We even felt compelled to hug one of the trees.

ASIDE: In all honesty, we were stunned and disappointed to see that people had carved graffiti into the tree trunks. It’s a sin in my book that these beautiful living trees were tortured for a while so someone’s ego could be stroked for a lifetime.  Is that really the mark we’d like to leave for all time?–that we successfully destroyed something beautiful? Please respect nature, folks. When it’s gone, it’s gone, and no amount of wishing and magic can bring it back.

Happy Trails,

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