breadfruit tree, maui, hawaii

Maui, Hawaii [Part 4]: Bread Grows on Trees?

Bread grows on trees. So does love. Maui will inspire the naturalist in you.

There are Banana Trees that bear fruit to enjoy with bread and fresh-brewed Hawaiian coffee. There’s papaya and pineapple, and fruits that look like pineapple but are NOT! There is guava and peach palm fruit. And then there is bread that grows on trees. Really? Well, not quite, but there is an edible fruit that grows on Breadfruit Trees. Heck, even LOVE grows on the trees of Hawaii (It really does! Check out the hearts and kisses adorning the trunk of the Papaya Tree below). That’s Hawaii for you–always something interesting to discover.

There isn’t a shortage of natural fruits growing in Hawaii. Maui is a pleasure trove full of delightful delicacies everywhere you turn. The sheer variety of fruited flora is mind blowing. I’ve only had a few days to explore. What will YOU uncover when YOU go to Maui?

Happy Trails,

Sue J.

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