CAN YOU HELP? I’m dumbfounded. I cannot identify this flora specimen I photographed in Maui.

While strolling through a free arboretum on the way to Hana on the Hana Highway in Maui, I came upon a bunch of large, blue seed pods or nuts on the ground near a Golden Bamboo cluster.  There were plenty of other trees in the area, but the nuts were nearest the colossal bamboo.

free arboretum, Hana, Hana Highway, unidentified blue pods, nuts
Unidentified blue seed pods or nuts while wandering through a free arboretum along the Hana Highway.

The Golden Bamboo cluster I found these nuts by was huge; I looked as short as an elf standing next to it. Many of the bamboo stalks were three and four inches wide. Knocking on them was like knocking on cement. If I were stranded on a untouched area of Maui (could that even exist?), even I would have no problem building shelter for myself. That is, of course, if I could actually CUT the bamboo. <wait for it . . . >  DAMN!

golden bamboo, maui, hawaii
Golden bamboo in Maui.

So, whatchamacallit? Please share what you know in the comment section below. THANKS!

Happy Trails,

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