Marshmallows in Oregon . . . they sure do grow ’em big here!


Oregon both disappointed and delighted. Marine-layer weather kept us from seeing much of the coastline. And our expectations that the ride along Route 101 North would hug the coastline in the first place was misguided. We only occasionally caught a view:


DAY_4_04 DAY_3_08

Still, there was much to see. A stop at the Tillamook Cheese Factory was pretty cool. Cheese is our cryptonite, but we bought some anyway. Their 3-year vintage extra sharp white cheddar cheese is divine.

DAY_4_02 DAY_4_03

We enjoyed it at a great little county park that allowed us a lake-side view.

DAY_4_05 DAY_4_06

We ended up in the KOA campground in Otis, OR, where I met a new friend:



Oregon loves their bridges and got us loving them, too. Many, if not all, of them featured curious Empire State Building styled columns announcing the bridge’s arrival. We took to photographing several bridges in Oregon, including the final crossover bridge to the state of Washington:

On to Washington!


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