Washington State immediately delivered the coastline views we were craving. We ignored our GPS when it wanted to send us east of Olympic National Park to reach our destination of a northern waterfront town, Port Angeles. Instead, we took Route 101 along the west, which meandered through National Park territories.

The day was still a bit overcast, but it didn’t keep us from landing a few great pictures:

What we didn’t catch on camera was an absolutely gorgeous ride at dusk through a stretch of winding road along the length of Lake Crescent. The view was mysterious, alluring, and enchanting. Dark Fiji Island-like mountains cupped in their hands a wide, tranquil, twilight lake. Yet, it was too dark to snap a photo. As with many moments in life, sometimes you need to let your mind soak it in and rely on your memory to play it back.


It was a long day of travel–some 12 hours by the time we reached our destination–but it was worth it. Day 5 is Olympic National Park . . . can’t wait!


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